​Christ’s freedom is not an opportunity to serve the flesh by works.  It is an opportunity to serve one another in love.  God commands love, not biting and devouring each other.  This is why there is so much violence today.  People are consuming people by sin and death’s grip on them.  The Spirit of God says no to the fleshly desires.  These desires are evil, demonic and full of darkness.  I must not practice these sins, God warns.  Those who do will not inherit His Kingdom.  Think hard and long.  Is it worth it to live in sin and try to have peace?  Or do you want to live in the Spirit and love, having peace and joy?  … Being in Christ means being out of the body, away from that party life, fleeing darkness, walking uprightly in the Light.  We must forgive out accusers and wrong doers.  Must not think I am better than the next man.  I can’t be puffed up with pride, looking to show off or get my way.  Instead, I am to follow Christ in every way!  CG